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No obligation and full freedom

We do not bind you contractually to StreamAd. You can try out our service once or use it on a long-term basis.

You choose the campaigns and advertising partners that best suit you and your community.


In our campaign selection you will find all advertising campaigns in which you can participate. By selecting and deselecting individual campaigns it is ensured that only the banners you have selected are displayed.


Your advantages

Earn money

Earn above average money with your livestream by participating in our advertising campaigns.

Increase your reach

Increase the visibility and reach of your livestream. We and the community will support you.

Increase your network

Get to know our StreamAd partners, exchange ideas with them and make new friends.

Participate in events

Participate in great events. Whether Gamescom, Dreamhack or StreamAd events. It’s more fun with the community!

Get free hardware

Get free hardware for yourself and as a giveaway for your viewers by participating in product placement campaigns.

Get free games

Get free gamekeys and games to try out and raffle to your community by participating in game targeting campaigns.

How it works

Step 1

Connect your Twitch-Account with StreamAd.

Step 2

Enter your personal details.

Step 3

Wait till we checked your application and unlocked you.

Step 4

Select a campaign that suits you in the campaign selection.

Step 5

Set up your streaming software (OBS). Our interactive guide will help you.

Step 6

Go live with your stream and earn money.

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Our Values



StreamAd is based on a win-win situation for everyone involved. We all work actively to create this situation!


Free choice of partner

You can choose the campaigns you want to participate in.


No obligations

We do not bind you contractually to StreamAd. You can try StreamAd once or use it for a long time.


Strong Community

You are part of the StreamAd community and we work together on the project. Customers are part of the community.


Valid invoice

You will receive a legally valid invoice every month. You use this as proof of income and for the declaration to the tax office.


Fast payment

The first priority for us is to pay you monthly and fast. As payment method we use PayPal.


Note: StreamAd UG (limited liability) & Co. KG is 100% independent and no partner company or subsidiary of Twitch. StreamAd UG (limited liability) & Co. KG is neither approved nor endorsed by Twitch or otherwise affiliated with Twitch. Please make sure that when using our service you do not act against the terms of use, code of conduct or partnership agreements of Twitch. StreamAd does not encourage you to conflict with Twitch’s rules through the service we provide.