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The StreamAd Business Model

With StreamAd you can access a large game influencer network  via a single interface and carry out automated and transparent advertising campaigns.


Save your time and leave the acquisition, communication, support, billing and payment of the influencer network to us. StreamAd is available as a single interface. In our customer portal you are informed in real time about the progress and success of your advertising campaign. 


The personal relationship of our Game Influencers to their community and the long viewing time of your advertising message lead to an above-average success of your advertising measures.



Our Services


You only pay one invoice for the actual range achieved and we pay for the entire Influencer network.

Campaign Management

We manage the campaign for you so that you achieve your goals. To do this, we scale the number of influencers for you according to the desired range and campaign duration.


Every month we create for you an invoice document for the campaign volume achieved and hundreds of invoices for the participating influencer network.


We handle the communication with numerous game influencers for you and are always available as your single contact person.

Performance Tracking

We continuously collect key figures of the participating game influencers and make them available to you in our customer portal in real time.

Influencer Acquisition

We can acquire entire influencer networks for you worldwide at no additional cost. You can expand worldwide conveniently with us.

Our Product


Standard Features: 


  • 5x rotating advertising banners in the livestream
  • Recurring and linked advertising message in the user chat with 200 characters
  • 1x static and linked advertising banner in the channel description




  • Product Placement
  • Giveaways
  • Individual Campaigns


We are happy to support you with the conception of successful advertising campaigns in the Game Influencer Universe.


StreamAd is the straightforward solution for successful game influencer campaigns. Not only we but also all of our game influencers work hand in hand to achieve your goals.


Low effort

You deliver the advertising material and a budget, we take care of the rest! If you wish, we can also design the advertising material for you.


High Conversion

As opinion leaders, our influencers have a key position and a strong influence on your target group. As a result, our advertising campaigns have a high conversion rate.


Successful Branding

Your advertising media are exclusive and visible without interruption in the livestreams. This enables viewers to link their favourite streamer to your brand.


Unique Views

The billing basis for our campaigns are unique views during the livestream. No matter whether a viewer receives your advertising message for one or three hours, only one impression is billed.


High Transparency

Our customer portal provides you with real-time information on campaign progress, current costs, participating influencers, the number of clicks generated and much more. Clear and transparent.


Free Cancellation

The same freedom we give our influencers, we give you. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel the campaign at any time.

Do you need further information?

We will be happy to send you further information and advise you on the design of Game Influencer advertising campaigns. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: StreamAd UG (limited liability) & Co. KG is 100% independent and no partner company or subsidiary of Twitch. StreamAd UG (limited liability) & Co. KG is neither approved nor endorsed by Twitch or otherwise affiliated with Twitch. Please make sure that when using our service you do not act against the terms of use, code of conduct or partnership agreements of Twitch. StreamAd does not encourage you to conflict with Twitch’s rules through the service we provide.